The Proof House: 48-50 Commercial Road, London E1 1LP
Worshipful Company of Gunmakers
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7481 2695
The Worshipful Company of Gunmakers was incorporated by Royal Charter in 1637 to promote and regulate gunmaking, a role it still fulfils today.
Governed by the Master, Wardens and Court of Assistants. Activities encompass four broad areas of operation: Regulatory, Charitable, Social and Civic.

Proof House noticeboard:

Proof Assistant – vacancy

The Worshipful Company of Gunmakers has a vacancy for a Proof Assistant based at the Proof House, Commercial Road, London, E1. Opportunities for employment testing firearms are rare and this position is a unique and exciting role to anyone wishing to work amongst firearms, for an organisation which has for nearly 400 years ensured that guns are safe for use. Applications should be sent by email to: See …here… for more details.

12 September 2022

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