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Worshipful Company of Gunmakers
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7481 2695
The Worshipful Company of Gunmakers was incorporated by Royal Charter in 1637 to promote and regulate gunmaking, a role it still fulfils today.
Governed by the Master, Wardens and Court of Assistants. Activities encompass four broad areas of operation: Regulatory, Charitable, Social and Civic.

Liverymen’s blogs

The Role of the Clerk

Paul Jagger, Court Assistant at the Information Technologists Company, author and blogger has compiled an interesting view on the role of the Clerk. Read it …here…

Lockdown in ten books

Court Steward Andrew Newcombe decribes, in his unique and amusing style, a list ten books which he has ‘enjoyed under the Protectorate of Boris Cromwell’. Indulge further …here…

Camera? Who bothers to take a camera on shoots? 

Gun? Check. Cartridges? Check. Dog, boots, ear-defenders, cash for tips, the sweepstake on the bag / shots fired? All of those and more?  Check  yes, to all. But a camera? Who bothers to take a camera on shoots? Making, or taking a call, on a shoot, is quite rightly, frowned upon. Taking a picture, or two, at apposite moments, generally is not. Between drives, at ‘elevenses,’ the dog bringing a bird to hand after a drive, every shoot has old Tom, or another beater, face tanned, lined, and creased from years out in the open, been on the shoot for a thousand years… would look great – if only you could paint, in oils…  but you have your camera in your pocket, so take some pictures. Liveryman Paul Fievez tell us the how and why read more

The Oxygen of life and Covid-19

Liveryman Stephen Box got through Covid-19 with the help of his discovery; he says … ‘Covid-19 is presenting challenges to healthcare, the most significant of which is the supply of ventilators to help people for whom coronavirus has attacked their lungs making it difficult for them to breath. We now hear that Imperial College, London are working with Mercedes Formula1 racing in Northampton to produce a device that can attach to a source of medical oxygen and deliver the required oxygen through a facemask. But Mercedes Forumula1 can only produce 1,000 units per day and you still need 1,000 hospital beds with an oxygen supply, and the care staff. But there is an established German technology, only known to the astute few in the UK …. read more

Locked down with a book

No matter what is going on in the world, a good book can provide insight, comfort or a welcome escape. As the COVID-19 outbreak continues and many of us are seeking entertainment while staying at home, reading offers some respite and relaxation. In the first of a series #OrvisBookClub looks at two very different books by authors who have pursued a love of fishing throughout their lives. Courtessy of Liverman Claire Zambuni read more