Nomination Service and Dinner

The annual Nomination Service took place at All Hallows on the Wall Church on 5 November and was well attended by Liverymen and their guests. A retiring collection raised £500 and was shared between the Church’s Fabric Fund and XLP, a charity at the cutting edge of urban youth work in Tower Hamlets and other deprived London Boroughs.

The Nomination Dinner took place afterwards at Carpenters’ Hall which was filled to capacity. During dinner, the Master Elect, John Browning, made the customary declaration and was installed as Master, after being handed the keys of the Proof House by the outgoing Master, John Jackman. The principal guest was Dr Edward Impey, Director General and Master of the Armouries. Dr Impey gave an entertaining speech in which he made mention of the Company’s historical connections with the Royal Armouries. Other Company guests included The Venerable Nick Mercer, Archdeacon of London, and Colonel Mike Pendlington, Commandant of the Defence School of Electronic and Mechanical Engineering.


John Browning hails from Ogden, Utah and is the great grandson of John Moses Browning, the world-renowned gun designer, best known for developing automatic and semi-automatic weapons. He is married to Dianne and has been resident in London since 1980. He is now a freelance journalist, having previously been employed by The Economist covering business, technology, economics and finance in London and New York, and Wired as their European editor. When not shooting, he enjoys fishing, skiing, riding, photography, and dog training.  We wish him every success throughout his year in office.