The Proof House: 48-50 Commercial Road, London E1 1LP
Worshipful Company of Gunmakers
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7481 2695
The Worshipful Company of Gunmakers was incorporated by Royal Charter in 1637 to promote and regulate gunmaking, a role it still fulfils today.
Governed by the Master, Wardens and Court of Assistants. Activities encompass four broad areas of operation: Regulatory, Charitable, Social and Civic.

Worshipful Company of Gunmakers

Under the provisions of the Gun Barrel Proof Act, all guns sold in the United Kingdom must undergo proof to test the basic soundness of barrel and action. Together with Birmingham, the London Proof House provides proofing and other services to the British gun trade. The Proof Master may also be requested to investigate accidental gun and barrel failures.

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The members of the Gunmakers’ Company are drawn not just from the gun trade but also from a variety of other professions and walks of life. The Company provides them with opportunities for fellowship, furtherance of common interests, and participation in the ceremonies and governance of the City of London.

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The Gunmakers’ Company Charitable Trust provides grants for gunmakers and others looking to improve skills in gunmaking or gun-related crafts and industries, or to undertake research that will advance the state of knowledge in the trade. 

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Worshipful Company of Gunmakers NEWS

Nomination Dinner 2023

Nomination Dinner 2023

Our Nomination Service was held, by kind permission of the Reverend Stephen Baxter, last November in St Stephen Walbrook.  Phoebe...


Since 1675, the Worshipful Company of Gunmakers has been located at its present location, just outside Aldgate and the old walls of the City of London. For directions visit our Contact page.


The Company operates the Proof House, which has statutory powers to test and regulate the safety of firearms.


Members of the Livery serve as trustees of the Gunmakers Company Charitable Trust, which provides assistance for training gunmakers and advancement of the art and technology of gunmaking and related trades.


The Company organises formal dinners and other activities and events for its liverymen (which includes women).


The Livery participates in the governance of the City of London, including the election of the Sheriffs and the Lord Mayor.


No gun can be legally sold in the United Kingdom without having undergone proof.


The Proof House is called in to investigate accidents caused by firearms malfunction.


The Proof House ensures and certifies that guns wanted for display purposes, rather than use, have been made permanently unusable in the manner required by law.